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Desert Eagle Shooters has teamed with Chris Stoehner of XSA to bring you the finest training in South-East New Mexico, not only for Concealed Carry, but Small Unit Tactics, Field and Combat Medicine, and Mastering your AR. We are gearing up to add all of these and more to our Basic Rifle Marksmanship and Long Range Precision Rifle courses. Come, learn with us, Learn with the Best and Most Dedicated Team.
Note: To all classes add a $25.00 Range fee for each class.

XSA International Courses

Each XSA International course starts with you! You are the reason we set out to educate.  Course offerings include a brief description, cost, as well as the round count if applicable.  Price shown does not include applicable taxes. 
Group pricing and LEO/MIL pricing arrangements may be made.

Basic Pistol/Rifle

The XSA International Basic Course will teach students how to properly handle, safely store, and accurately manipulate a handgun. This class focuses on fundamentals development and will benefit many shooters, old and new alike.​
1/2 day, 100 rounds. $75.  Gear List

Advanced Handgun

The advanced pistol coursework picks up where the basic pistol course left off; at the fundamentals. The class quickly builds on the shooter's ability to draw and manipulate their gun, engage single and multiple targets, as well as advanced techniques such as the tactical and speed reload, night shooting is also integrated with advanced tactics.  1 day, 300 rounds. $99.  Gear List

Wilderness Survival $99

​Your ability to survive in the wilderness is not as complex as you may think. In fact wilderness survival is straightforward in many regards, and common sense will help you to dictate your best course of action. Prior planning and preparation will help you to maintain your composure so that you may use your common sense and get out alive.
1 night 2 days.

NM Concealed Handgun $99

Instructor #458 approved by the state of NM this course will cover your 15 mandatory hours of education. Satisfaction of this course allows students to apply for their New Mexico state Concealed Handgun License.
1 day plus online materials, 150 rounds.  Gear List

Emergency Personnel Integration Course (EPIC) $579

​With the rise of violent crimes we must realize the need to effectively combat major preventable causes of death while minimizing the threat to the rescuer and their patient. This course bridges the gap between hospital trauma standards and standards of care under fire and in austere environments by familiarizing first responder personnel with Tactical Combat Casualty Care principles. There is a two day emphasis on weapons familiarization with the rifle, shotgun, and pistol while building a foundation in tactics. The course culminates with a series of simulation exercises.
500 rounds rifle 300 rounds pistol
5 days.

XSAR-15 Advanced Rifle  $99

​The advanced rifle course is designed to advance a shooter's knowledge of rifle marksmanship and manipulation. Through reinforcement of fundamentals, integration of advanced skills, and a focus on shooting, moving, and communicating shooter's walk away with the confidence they need to employ their rifle effectively.
1 day, 300 rounds.

2 Day Pistol/Carbine $99

​The pistol/carbine course is designed to advance a shooter's knowledge of marksmanship and weapon's manipulation. Through reinforcement of fundamentals, integration of advanced skills, and a focus on shooting, moving, and communicating shooter's walk away with the confidence they need to seamlessly blend the two weapon's platforms.
2 day, 500 rifle/300 pistol.

Through the Gates of Hell 

This course is designed to replicate weapons manipulation under critical stress. Through multiple exercise repetitions that integrate barricade shooting, vehicle shooting, shooting on the move, and self aid/buddy. This course is designed as a testing matrix for critical Operator skills that culminates with a team live fire mission to test your ability to work within a team.
1 LONG Day! 300 rounds rifle/200 rounds pistol. $99

Emergency Life Saver $279

If you carry a gun you should also carry a bandage. However, carrying a bandage is worthless if you don't know how to use it effectively. This course is built specifically for law enforcement personnel as well as concealed handgun carriers who recognize the reality of a gunfight. In 2 days students will master such skills as controlling bleeding, assessing airway and respiratory function, scene safety and many others.​
2 days.

Wilderness Medicine $149

Travel in the back-country is a rewarding experience, but one that should come with adequate preparation. This course focuses on the primary and secondary assessment that a rescuer, or back-country traveler could effectively employ to counter different traumatic injuries. A section is devoted to environmental injuries, their assessment, as well as treatment options.
1 day.

 Land Navigation $99

When it comes to knowing where you are at, nothing beats the ability to use a map and compass. Though seemingly overwhelming Land Navigation is as simple as understanding a new set of vocabulary and dedicating the time to learn how to use the tools involved. Several practical field exams will educate a student and monitor progress and abilities.
1 day

Taught through the American Red Cross...

this course teaches students what to do in an emergency situation if someone has stopped breathing, is choking, or unconscious. This one day course certifies a student for 2 years for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, the use of the AED, and basic life saving first aid skills.
1 day $149

CPR/AED/First Rappelling

is a thrill seekers paradise! Course includes en situ instruction in the rappelling system, anchor building, rappelling safety, and emergency procedures. Harness, rappelling device, helmet, and gloves included.
1/2 day