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Back around 1970 or 71 Old Timer/ Schrade came out with a new skinning/ Hunter/ Trapper fixed blade knife. Either it was named the “Sharp Finger” or that’s just the name we called it, but my brother John gave me one for my birthday that year. It became, (and still is), my go to skinner. Around 77 or 78 they came out with a gut hook version of it, we called it the Sharp Finger Plus, not sure why, but it fit. As was customary for us boys and Dad, knives and guns became regular gifts for all usual occasions. So that year I received one of those from John. One thing about them, they will hold a shaving edge and outlast owners, if they don’t get lost or taken. Such was the demise of my Plus. Somewhere, sometime in my military career it left my position.

While I was waiting on my medical discharge from the US Coast Guard I started making knives, some from scratch and some re-makes. My Bride Theresa worked on them with me, giving input as to blade and handle shapes, feel and the final sanding and finishing before they were called done. Each knife was a collaboration between the both of us not just one, so each one was a part of us together as it was a tool. We started making the trade shows and custom gun and knife shows in the Houston, central Texas and DFW areas. And we did well and became popular. It was as much therapy for me as it was an actual business. At least one of each design would wind up with a sibling or relative as gifts for special occasions. Some were special ordered as retirement presentations for retiring Coast Guard and Marine individuals, often cased with silver or jewelers gold inlays in the handles and cases. Somewhere around 96 or 97 something got in the way and we stopped making them and slowly had to devote time and funds to other things, (I think they call it life catching up to you). But, hiding back there in the corners and cobwebs of our minds the desire lingered, waiting for a re-birth and resurgence to bring it back to the forefront.

Since the first of 2015 Theresa and I have been building Desert Eagle Shooters, based on training in basic marksmanship and long range precision shooting instruction as well as the tools and accessories to enjoy the shooting sports as well as supplying military and Law Enforcement agencies with the supplies they need to do their jobs, and save them dollars in their budgets. We have focused on helping customers build their dream rifles and teaching them to use it to its fullest capability. We started making the Gun Show circuit here on SE NM and have built up a large following of customers bringing their friends and other venders who are artists in their own right. It has been an interesting learning curve and each show brings new ideas and new products to our venues and we are always listening to others needs and looking for a way to fill them. However, the one thing we will not change is our commitment to serving our customers and making them happy with what they get, and what they want.
At the show in Ruidoso NM we started discussing knives again, mainly because one of our friends, and vender, had come across two of the Sharp Finger Plus knives. One of which came home with me from the Roswell show to replace the one lost long ago. Because they have not been made for so long, finding one, especially one that is new in the box is often difficult. Having one in hand gave me a thought. After bouncing it off of Theresa we decided that reproduction, or a close second, would be a worthwhile project. So now, it looks like we will be expanding a bit, again.
Here, you have:

L to R; The original Sharp Finger, (with a new handle),
The new Plus, and our Version of the same.

We have decided that the most unique and beautiful wood for the handles, (scales), would come from right here on our own property, Mesquite root wood. Perfect for handles and grilling with the reject pieces and scraps. It is, in my opinion, the most fantastic material because it has the most intricate and almost luminescent grain features when you select the very best pieces and sand and polish them by hand. About 1 to possibly 2% of the material you start with will have what I want for material. The knives are setting on raw stock material that will be hand cut and selected for handles, or other???

In our new venture in knives I am trying some new ideas in detail and accessories that may or may not stay. Comments and reviews will play a part in what we do, as always.

Here are a few more views for your pleasure. Would appreciate feedback if you desire.

More to come
Jimi and Theresa